The Best Meme Tournament

Is brought to you this time by Team Viper, Team Legacy and Team Elder Blood

Welcome to the Casino Gwent

The Casino Gwent Cup has an unique format of 32 meme decks and 48 players in total
Each deck will be assigned to the players using a roulette which can be found in the CGC Web Page, each one of them will be re-drawn every new round.

The tournament is a double elimination format, we have a winners bracket and a losers bracket, the Grand Final is played between the winner of the upper bracket vs the winner of the lower bracket.
The final prize pool will be divided 50/50, the first half goes to the player who won the tournament and the second half will go to a charity (to be defined)
The full information is in the official Discord, in order to participate you must join the Discord Server

Main Event, Casino Gwent Cup: from January 27 (This may change)
To know the rules and instructions in detail, see this link

32 Memes Deck pool

Deck assignment by Roulette

48 Participants

Double Elimination

Organized by

NG Mill

Exclusive deck to tilt your opponents

SK Casino

If you want to try your luck with a bit of control

NG Renfri, Shupe & Radeyah

Cards with more options to choose from