Team Viper

Team Viper

Voting for the Grand Final

Which deck you want to see in the Grand Final? It will be the most awaited final for all gwent players. And you have the possibility to select the deck you want to see in the showdown!Vote for your favorite…

28/01 Deck designation CGC3

To view the designated decks, please visit the following link.Due to the limited time available, the presentation will be in this format.We are sorry and thank you for your understanding.

Decks CGC 3

Tier 1 Patch 2.6 Update deck NR Yen Zap Zap Patch 2.5 Updated decks: Patch 2.4 Updated decks: Patch 2.3 Updated due to new patch SK Shupe Radeyah Patch 2.2 Updated Decks: And Elimination of tier 2 Patch 2.1 ST…

Participants CGC 3

InNomineSatanas Haldqq Capitan Reptilia Dosen Casual Gamer TN_SANXESSS Rykov_ cirilla125 MCM5392 Squiddwardd Xhanthiax CamiloBeltran Elvenwyn A_Renoir Rodri271191 Destiny_wanderer Rafsoneiro crash_dragon SRobertS Dre4mKing Jayce360 jockiiichel1 BartGib press_F_to_GWENT Shilock PiotrCNS HEXEN90 Bandido_Keith Tankoff90 Maxou Shampinyon LordAedwyrlin Menno_Koegorn KaalBron Le_Gnome Letho_of_Gulet__ moscalas k3k14…